"Pamela's gift is to fill a room with a healing presence and grace that brings out the best in everyone. Her talent is to hold and deliver the authority of her mastery with crystal clarity that is easy and pleasurable for her listeners to take in and integrate.” - Lee Glickstein, Author, "Be Heard Now!"


Yoga, Self Care & Well Being Expert

My path as a yoga teacher, coach, consultant, and daily practitioner unfolded from my early childhood, when I connected to a deep knowing that each one of us is of Divine Nature, very uniquely special, and truly precious. And what there is to do, was to value and acknowledge this. For me, yoga is, and has been, a sincere practice of honoring and cherishing this preciousness. Yoga gives us the opportunity to fine tune our human potential. My work is to inquire how best we can access that that ensures we are getting the most from our body, our practice, our potential.

Since 1976,  I have worked nationally and internationally, in various formats, and in various venues, with thousands of people from all walks of life, to co-create healthier changes in their life style and well being. In all these years of experience, personally and professionally, I have discovered how truly the body is a reliable source to give us information and wisdom, and not limited to its physical structure. I value curiosity and see myself as a lifetime student and practitioner, excited to know more about what I am without knowing now. My profound commitment to my personal daily practice all these years, and my on-going study and development continues to inform and expand my work.

My purpose is to help you deepen your connection with your True Self, while cultivating expanding awareness and understanding of your body and mind in order to experience profound freedom and creativity to live a life of ease and grace at every age.

Together we can draw from your own vast inner resources to ensure that you are getting the best from your body, your movement, your practice, your beauty, your potential, and your life, no matter where you are in your process.

I am grateful for the mentors and teachers that have greatly influenced my work, and I appreciate each student, client and participant because their uniqueness challenges and inspires me and  deepens my skill, and understanding of, and the reverence for, the amazing capacity of what is possible.  I welcome and embrace the opportunity to be with you and the curiosity and uniqueness you bring!