- A Private Studio Located In the Outer Richmond/Sea Cliff District of San Francisco, California, USA -   

The SFYS Private Studio Classes 

 NEW 2019 Schedule

 These classes are all semi-private mixed level classes, suitable for both the experienced and those new to yoga,

limited to 6 - 7 students per class, with individual  attention is assured. Details and descriptions below. 

Please CONFIRM Your Spot   ASAP, or by NOON the DAY before the class you plan to attend,

by text, email, or calling 415-290-1229.

Please call 415-290-1229  for location and for information.

Thank you!


Fine Body Yoga™




Restorative Yoga & Essential Oil Session

FEBRUARY 26TH, TUESDAY 6:30 to 8:00 PM

(See below for description.)








Yoga Above the Beach (YAB)

*SATURDAY or SUNDAY MORNINGS | 11:00 AM  to 12:30 PM - Weather Permitting 


Held outdoors at West Fort Miley in the Outer Richmond District of  San Francisco, California, USA.

It is a mixed level FBY™ class, suitable for both the experienced and those new to yoga,

with individual  attention assured.

Please CONFIRM Your Spot   ASAP, or by NOON the DAY before the class you plan to attend,

by email, or calling 415-290-1229.

For dates: call 415-290-1229, contact by email, or sign up below for the SFYS monthly schedule and update announcements!



 These classes are all semi-private mixed level classes, limited to 6 - 7 students per class, with individual  attention assured,

& suitable for both the experienced and those new to yoga,

SFYS rates: $25/single class, $120/6 class series, and $228/12 class series.

The expiration date for each series is 6 -12 months from purchase date.

Please CONFIRM Your Attendance ASAP, or

by NOON the DAY before the class you plan to attend by text, email, or calling 415-290-1229. 

Fine Body Yoga™ Group Practice Classes


FBY™ is a specific and comprehensive approach, to, and for the study and flow of the breath, body, mind and human potential, 

making available easier access to advanced results.

It is a moving meditation, with the aim of cultivating a deeper understanding and

a higher potential of how you do, and can move in your body and mind.


True Yoga is not just a physical exercise for gross body fitness!

Yoga is about mastering your humanity and refining your life experience.

Moving through methodical guided sequencing of yoga energy techniques, stances and poses with a cultivating intention of  presence, the benefits can include: opening the the body’s energetic system, strengthening the vital breath, correcting  structural imbalances, and stabilizing the mind, thereby building and sustaining a solid foundation for significant progress and higher connection.

The Fine Body Yoga™ approach informs you to integrate ease/rest (the root of strength), to further deepen access to your higher intelligence, and expand  the receptivity of your intuitive capacity and true nature.

This subtle, yet strengthening practice can be directly applicable, complimentary and beneficial
to all methods of other physical practices and styles of movement. YAY!


Yoga Above the Beach (YAB)


Held overlooking an incredible view of San Francisco's coast line, this is an outdoor (weather permitting) mixed level FBY™ class.

  We meet at the flag pole in the Fort Miley Point parking lot*, for a silent 5-7 minute meditation walk to the site:

West Fort Miley Point.

Dress warmly and in layers. Bring one, or preferably two mats.

Have practical shoes for walking on dirt paths and consider a warm hat or visor hat depending on weather.

Fort Miley Parking Lot is near Land's End in San Francisco. Entrance is north on El Camino Del Mar/48th Ave @ Point Lobos St. 


Restorative Yoga with Essential Oils


 *Deep Rest     *Freedom From Stress     *Peace & Calming      *Gentle Heightened Awareness

*Inspired Creativity *More Access to Your True Nature

*Each session has a theme to invoke your personal intention/inquiry in that context.

 *The class consists of yogic warm ups, prop-supported resting and restorative poses, relaxation techniques and pranayama/breathing practices to deepening the meditative results.

*In relationship to the theme, specific safe and delicate 100% pure therapeutic grade YLEO essential oils are used to breathe in, anoint, and enhance the FBY™  restorative  practice.