Wellness in the Workplace

Offering: Meditation, Mindfulness, Relaxation, Breathing and Concentration Techniques; The Physical Aspects of Yoga, Preventive Care, Corrective Therapy; and Well-Being Practices

In One-on-one Settings and/or in Groups, to Boost and Enhance Your Employee’s Performance.

(Please note: The below 3 formats are adaptable and will be customized to suit your company’s specific needs.)


1) Customized Presentations/Trainings for Increased Clarity, Focus and Productivity

This format introduces, informs, demonstrates and is a training of physical movements, meditation, mindfulness and/or concentration techniques that lead to a quiet, yet more alert attentive mind and productive actions. It offers experiential “At-Your-Desk Yoga”, a guided suitable movement sequence of simple and easy exercises, which align the body and stabilize the mind. All the above practices help to re-energize the body, rest the heart, deepen the breath, correct structural imbalances, and calm the mind. The guided meditations further integrate the desired changes achieved. This format is suitable for individual and group sessions, and is adaptable for health fairs, conferences or wellness day presentations.

Fun Fact: Studies now indicate that the humans attention span has decreased to 8 seconds since 2007; a goldfish has an attention span of 9 seconds. (Time Magazine, May 14, 2015)

2) Personal Well Being and Mobility Assessments and Private Training Sessions

These sessions take “At-Your-Desk Yoga” to an individualized format, which involves an assessment of an employee’s current workstation set-up, their physical alignment habits, and discomforts, to have them be more at ease and efficient. It will provide the employee with customized physical recommendations, demonstrated instructions and training of more effective work habits and work set-up environment, with specific exercises to resolve imbalance issues, which can show up as a sore neck, shoulder tightness, eye strain, and arm, hand and wrist pain. These ailments are common causes of lack of concentration, disability and absence from work. Each session also includes a follow-up 15 - 30 minute phone call. The goal  is to promote balance, steadiness and stability!

Note: Personal guidance can be pivotal in achieving optimal success for an individual

3) “Yoga in the Workplace”, an On-Going Mixed-Level Group Event

This format is an on-going weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and/or one time 45, 60 or 90 minute group session of Fine Body Yoga™ (FBY™) at the workplace, or other event venue. It is customized and suitable for all attending students, from newbies to experienced, with individual attention assured, to advance and enhance one’s fitness and well-being. 

FBY™ is the culmination of Pamela Carrara’s 41+ years of extensive personal and professional study, experience and results. It is both a physical and meditative practice, specifically designed to build a strong foundation for a calmer, more focused mind, and a healthier aligned physical and subtle body, leading toward a higher level of concentration, creativity and productivity. It emphasizes the study and flow of the breath, body and mind, with the aim of cultivating a deeper awareness of one’s physical potential. It includes moving through guided sequencing of yogic techniques and positions that open, free up and energize the body, deepen the vital breath, correct structural imbalance and stabilize the mind, to build, maintain and sustain a solid foundation for continued progress. The class ends with a guided relaxation meditation to further integrate one’s capacity for clarity and concentration, leaving one returning to work being revitalized. (Please note: Fine Body Yoga™ is different than a high powered physical work out yoga exercise class.)

Note: A consistent group session, accessible and convenient, fosters increased beneficial and sustainable results for the individual.

”Pamela's gift is to fill a room with a healing presence and grace that brings out the best in everyone. Her talent is to hold and deliver the authority of her mastery with crystal clarity that is easy and pleasurable for her listeners to take in and integrate.” - Lee Glickstein, Author, "Be Heard Now!”
“Pamela takes care of everyone in the class so they can succeed in the lesson and postures, no matter what condition they arrive to class in!” – Janet Plocke, Body/Mind Student
“I consider Pamela to be working in earnest helping others recognize and develop their full potential.” - George Leonard, Human Potential Pioneer & Author


For more information, or to book now, please contact

Pamela Carrara

Founder of the SFYS, who has facilitated programs to corporations and community groups since 1998 - over 20 years in 2018!

at 415-290-1229.