CELEBRATING MY 50TH BIRTHDAY  - FEBRUARY 2005  


Even though as a child, I had always been a mover, dancer and athlete, I started my formal dance training at 19, in 1974, and  began my teaching career in 1976 as a dance instructor at the long established and highly respected Powell Reilly Dance Studio in San Francisco, CA.  As as a professional performing artist, I have  choreographed, improvised and worked independently, and with local San Francisco Bay Area dance companies and jazz musicians. My love of movement resulted in a wide vocabulary of movement training that includes jazz, ballet, modern, tap, gymnastics, improvisational techniques, various ethnic styles, and partner dancing, as well as, healing intrinsic movement and energy work. I also have experience directing, producing and stage managing. 

After my son was born, I also began teaching Rhythm & Motion aerobic classes in the early 80's, and in 1984 received my first fitness certification as a fitness instructor, and, in 1991, as a personal fitness trainer by the Health & Fitness Institute at Hayward California State University.  I also have been Adult CPR certified since 1984.

In 1980, after intensely studying yoga for 4 years, I began formally teaching yoga (poses, breathing, relaxation, concentration and meditation techniques), as well as health and fitness, to groups and individuals through classes, workshops and private sessions.

In 1989, I took my personal training business to new heights by creating a mindful fitness program, Body Awareness until 1999, when I founded the San Francisco Yoga School.

In 1991, I was an original member of Integral Transformative Practice (ITP), a two year study and training with George Leonard and Michael Murphy (forefather's of the human potential movement), that was the material for their co-authored book, “The Life You Were Given”. When the study ended I co-founded, and for 5 consecutive years, co-facilitated the very first pilot ITP group, which still exists today, along with other ITP groups nationwide. To date, I continue to study with Michael Murphy (one of my main mentors), about evolution, transformation, and the work of Sri Aurobindo.

1996, I became a sole, and direct hatha yoga student of Shandor Remete, founder of Shadow Yoga and Nata Yoga, until2012 (16 years). This study, training and practice included intensives, residential and teacher trainings, also with Emma Balnaves, in the U.S, Bali and India. In the early 2000's, I was an acknowledged Shadow Yoga Teacher.

From January 1998 to July 2002, I was a choir member with the San Francisco Glide Ensemble, and participated in their live 4th CD recording in June 2001.

In1999, I chose out of all the years of meditation studies and practices, to become Kriya initiated as a devotee of Paramahansa Yogananda, and  a member of the Self-Realization Fellowship. I had studied Buddhism for many years, predominantly in the Tibetan Buddhist Tradition, and attended silent retreats and teachings including ones with Lama Surya Das (founder of the Dzogchen Foundation and author) and Sogyal Rinpoche (author of "The Tibetan Book of the Living and Dying"). I attended the Heart Sutra/Heart of Wisdom teachings with the Dalai Lama, May 2001 in the San Francisco Bay Area.

In the mid 2000's I began my work with the incarcerated population, first teaching at the San Francisco Youth Guidance Center, and, then in 2010, in the SF County Jail Facilities, where I still volunteer these services.

Also, in 2001, I became an essential oils therapist, and included in my essential oil therapy sessions the Raindrop Technique, which is a hands-on and energetic healing application of the pure therapeutic grade essential oils designed by Gary Young of Young Living Essential Oils. I have trained others in this modality. I, also have expanded and integrated the use of the essential-oils with specific yoga poses and practices, in some of my programs: the Rest Shops; the Rest & Receive Yoga and Essential Oil Group Sessions; and also make it available in the One-on-One and Couples Yoga, Self Care and Well Being Sessions and Programs.

In 2005, as I continued to develop into my own style of teaching and yoga, and, as an avid scholar & practitioner of the transformative practices and paradigm shifting aspects of growth, I integrated my knowledge of the intricacies of how to get to ‘higher places of consciousness’ by creating the Yoga, Health & Vitality Well Being Breakthrough 16 - Session Program, & the Breakthrough In Your Practice Workshops, and  began my work as an Integral Well Being & Self-Care Coach & Facilitator.  Since then I have developed the Fine Body Yoga™ Movement & Method,  trademarked in 2011 as a resource for your highest potential & for aging gracefully at every age.

I continue to study and personally practice Traditional Chinese Medicine, herbs & teas (especially with  Nam Singh), Ayurveda, health & nutrition, as well as  extensive training in communication, management and leadership skills. In regards to public speaking training, although I have some Toastmaster experience, I find the Speaking Circle Approach with  Lee Glickstein, the founder, who I have been training with for about 10 years now, suits my purposes best.

I have a deep gratitude for my 4 travels to, and experiences in India, for all my teachers, clients, students,and participants who challenge and inspire me daily. To date, August, 2015, with almost 40 years of personal and professional education and practice, of body/mind awareness, dance, fitness, therapeutic and somatic movement, energetic, breathing and relaxation techniques, meditation and yoga, qigong & inner martial arts forms, and  working nationally and internationally, with thousands of people from all walks of life, helping to create healthier changes in their life style and well being, in various formats, including one-on-one and couples sessions, group classes, workshops, retreats, seminars and on-going programs in various venues, such as schools, health facilities, studios, institutions, corporations, camps and jails, my commitment to being a resource for people to live a lifetime of ease and grace with freedom, joy, and a whole lot of love, is stronger and more spirited than ever!