The Raindrop Therapy is Most Effectively Performed in Silence – with no music or conversation. This allows the facilitator to concentrate and serve as a clearer channel while allowing the client to interiorize the mind and assist in the healing process. When talking is necessary for process & instructional purposes, it is soft and of a quiet nature.

    The Client is the Principle Participant in, and the means of his or her own healing. The Facilitator serves as a channel assisting the client to access his or her own healing powers. The client is encouraged to relax, to breathe slow, long, and even, to quiet the mind, and deepen the awareness of the body’s sensations as it responds to the treatment.

    RDT is a Complete Modality, In and of Itself. It reaches all levels of the body, mind and emotions, and alone, is sufficient to awaken the self-healing powers inherent in the client. It does so in a way that delivers maximum benefit according to the readiness and willingness of the client at the time of the treatment. At the completion of a RDT session the client will have been lifted to a delicate state of balance and receptivity to healing energies. Although other alternative therapies are effective, and can be enhanced with the essential oils, the RDT is generally best when done alone. Employing additional modalities soon after can alter the balance the RDT produced and reduce the healing potential.

    The Obstructions of the Body and Mind are in Layers. During any given RDT session only those layers the client is ready and willing to release will be released — physically, emotionally, mentally and energetically. What appear to be negative experiences are often our greatest teachers. When the client’s intention is to have a release the suggestion is to use this affirmation at the beginning or during the therapy: I lovingly and willingly release in a positive and progressive way, that which no longer serves me.

    RDT Stimulates Detoxification of the Body. It is crucial for the client to drink plenty of water following a session and to avoid toxic fluids such as soda pop, coffee or alcohol. The suggestion is to divide your body weight by two, and drink that number of ounces of pure water every day. Sometimes the detoxification process results in bodily soreness, headache, sinus drainage, and coughing or skin rash. While unpleasant, these symptoms are temporary and are usually an indication that the therapy is working at detoxifying, and preventing a more serious ailment in the future. If the colon, liver and kidneys are saturated with toxins and unable to function normally, the skin becomes the third organ of excretion – thus the rash. If this occurs, notify your RDT therapist and double your water intake. Most RDT Clients experience a pleasant sense of improved well-being, relaxation, energization, and in some cases, chronic ailments disappear.

    RDT Can Lead to Permanent Healing, Yet...the healing of maladies will vary widely among clients according to their needs going into the session and their willingness to release what ails them at that time. A state of ill health is usually the result of many years of accumulated toxins and traumas – physical, mental and spiritual. Each RDT Session will address something. To completely return to a state of balanced health, it may take a series of sessions over time – plus life style changes of diet, exercise, habits and environment. RDT can lead to permanent healing when changes are made by the client to eliminate the factors that led to the ill conditions in the first place. What the RDT does is help cleanse some of the consequences of past harmful activities and afford the client the opportunity to begin afresh. 

    The Benefits From the RDT Can Continue Throughout the Following Week. Although some clients experience a healing immediately upon receiving the therapy, the completion of the mind, body and emotional benefits for the client can take place over a period of hours, and days following the session. Some of the results may be subtle and unnoticed for a while. Unexpected benefits may also occur. Therefore the assessment of the benefits may take several days.
















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