“I consider Pamela to be working in earnest helping others recognize and develop their full potential.”

George Leonard, Human Potential Pioneer  & Author (2005)

                 Pamela's 3rd Trip to India, at the Taj Mahal, Agra, India, December, 2006

                 Pamela's 3rd Trip to India, at the Taj Mahal, Agra, India, December, 2006


“As somebody who spends long hours at a desk dealing with the demands of complex commercial litigation, I really appreciate and depend on the balance that Pamela brings into my life. She has a wonderful combination of technical knowledge and intuitive skills that always identifies what's going to work best for me.”  - Bill Alderman, Attorney (Client since October, 1995)

“Over the years I've taken yoga classes from many different instructors who practiced different yoga styles, and by far, I've found Pamela's classes to be the best fit for me. Whether the class is large or small, Pamela never fails to give personal attention to each student. During the many years I've studied with her, I've marveled at how she can suggest a tiny correction that makes a huge difference in my execution of a pose. She is very mindful of each student's capabilities and limitations and works with each person as an individual, even in a group class, and is always encouraging. Pamela's classes are a wonderful mix of asana, breathing, and meditation practices. Her knowledge of yoga and enthusiasm for it infuse every class, and her marvelous sense of humor and concern for her students make her a very approachable and engaging teacher. I intend to continue studying with her for a very long time!”  - Karen, Educator (Student,1997)                                                                                                      

“Thanks Pamela, I appreciate you being my teacher. I tell all my friends all the time that I'm hooked to your teaching! Since I enjoy your guidance and patience, it really makes me feel I'm learning a lot about my body and how to improve.”Maria (Student,1998)                                                                                                                                                                    

“I wouldn't do yoga anywhere else, with anyone else. Pamela is an excellent caring instructor. THE BEST.” Dorothy B. (Student since July, 2001)

“Pamela is patient and direct so I quickly find myself at ease. I enjoy the intimate setting and increased one-on-one instruction. She gives detailed descriptions and demonstrations. I never feel rushed. Not one class has gone by where I haven't learned something new about my body or myself. I continue to practice and learn from Pamela because of the gentle spiritual inspiration I derive from her class. The best way to describe it is that I am at peace. The benefits are immeasurable and priceless.” - Kim, Mother (October, 2001)  

“I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your yoga teachings. Your techniques for describing the parts of the body in a particular asana are very helpful in accomplishing the correct alignment. I look forward to every class. The variety of asanas that we practice from week to week helps me to keep my whole body and mind aware. I still have trouble with my yogic breathing, but in the last class you said something that I believe will help me to reach my goal in controlling my breath better: "It's not the capacity of your lungs, but the length in which you breathe into and out of your lungs." The benefits that I continue to receive from yoga are a renewed energy, peace of mind, better posture and awareness of my body and surroundings. With your teachings and as I continue to practice yoga, I am sure that I will have many more discoveries of myself. Thank you Pamela.” Maxine (Student 2001)

“I have been practicing yoga and meditation for about four years. I came to Pamela to deepen my understanding of yoga poses. What I actually got from working with Pamela is a connection to my inner core and an opening to alignment that I did not know existed. My meditation practice is much more comfortable and effective. Yoga poses have greater meaning for me and I am able to focus attention where I need it. Pamela's work is subtle, but the results are fantastic!” Scott Braxton, Photographer (June 2004)

“Not only have I taken classes from Pamela, but I have had the opportunity to work with her on several occasions, creating music for her dance performances, and for her class, "Yoga Above the Beach." Pamela is always inspiring to work with. Her creativity comes from a very deep place. Her charm and humor is uplifting. I feel very privileged to be working and learning from her.” Ernie Mansfield, Musician (September 2004)

I am wonderful and SWEET since my raindrop therapy...I literally am not tired and have a ton of energy.  - Betty (December 8, 2008) 

 "What an enlightening session." - Diane (December 2008)


Date: Thu, 28 Oct 2010 22:16:50 -0400
To: SF Yoga School <sfyogaschool@earthlink.net>
Subject: update and letter

Dear Pamela,

 I want to thank you for this one 1/2 years of coaching.  I am thoroughly impressed with your coaching, your coaching style, your way of “being” and your ability to hear through to the bigger picture…all the time.  It was reliable that every session I would come away with something that I didn’t expect but was completely in line with what I was committed to have happen.   

 You could cut through my typical way of being…mainly doing…to bring forth a way I could bring joy and peace into my life.  It certainly didn’t happen right away.  I had a lot to work on and a lot of circumstances going on and each week we just chipped a little way.  Some weeks I felt that I was repeating my issues each week but there was progress.  

 I love that you brought meditation and some yoga moves into my coaching.  It was one thing I wasn’t bringing into my life that I need desperately and you would bring into the coaching.  I so appreciate that.  I am in such a different place now.  I feel so much more whole and complete, with peace and joy in my life.  I know it is much from the work we did together. 

I now can tap into my inner knowing using the techniques you taught me and find an answer from my heart, not from my mind. 
I am developing myself into a coach and you are a good mentor and someone I can aspire to be like…in my own way, with my own skills and background.

Thank you so much of the love support and belief.
Blessings to you,
Kim (Client since 2008) 


Date: Nov 21, 2014 12:14 PM To: San Francisco Yoga School <sfyogaschool@earthlink.net>   Subject: "Your Body as an Oracle" Workshop

Hello Pamela,

What I received from the above workshop and will try to remember as a helper: meditation or consciousness may consist of an attentive scanning of one's whole body, not only limbs, but other less obvious hidden parts to be aware of. This gives power to heal oneself and to be grateful and like your own body and self.



October 2014

To Whom It May Concern,

Pamela of San Francisco Yoga School is an amazing yoga teacher and holistic coach. I’ve been going to Pamela’s yoga classes at the San Francisco Yoga School for the past two years. Her style of yoga is very special and you will not find anything like it. I highly recommend!

I also highly recommend her Rain Drop Therapy Sessions, which is very relaxing and always making my body feel so much better afterwards.

As a holistic wellness coach, Pamela’s skills are very diversified and I highly recommend trying out all the wellbeing services she offers to better connect with your body, spirit, and mind.


Pamela’s student & private client


October 14, 2014

Dear Pamela,

    Your work with me over the years has been such a wondrous and healing addition to my life.

The quality of my physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing has improved in numerous ways. Through yoga classes, Raindrop therapy treatments, personal coaching and your friendship I have received the support necessary to keep moving forward in a holistic healthful lifestyle.

    Physically, you have helped heal my body through yoga and essential oils. Mentally, I have gained so much insight into my own mind and its amazing ability to recalibrate during very stressful times. I believe learning to observe the antics of the mind and let go into a deeper more authentic inquiry has been my biggest break through. 

    And emotionally, I have received deeply nourishing energy that helped me stabilize after the deaths of three very important beloveds in my life, which included my father and two spiritual elders. You were patient and perceptive with my process and allowed me to express the chaotic nature of grieving in all its variations. My heart is always uplifted by your work. And we have shared some of the greatest laughter together too!

    Even when psychic attacks were haunting me and creating physical illness you held the space for me with “the spirit of unconditional love” to receive complete healing.

    I always feel that you have my back and are 100% there for me. When this kind of safety is created healing naturally occurs and wellbeing flourishes. Thank you for championing me! I look forward to continuing this good medicine with you.

With Love and Blessings,

Le’ema Kathleen Graham, Dance Artist and Author, San Rafael, CA


Sent: Jan 6, 2014 4:46 PM    To: San Francisco Yoga School  


I would like to write a review for your Yoga School.

I enjoyed working with Pamela of San Francisco Yoga School. Her personal touch made the difference. Pamela helped me set clear goals, and designed a personal yoga routine that exceeded my expectations.Her detailed focus on correct postures and positions helped me to correctly move into the positions with confidence. Pamela’s wealth of knowledge helped also with physical concerns that I had.




 March 18, 2012

Dear Pamela,

I have just finished the morning yoga practice that, with your guidance, I  have begun to weave into my daily life.  I know that you are aware how much your classes and individual sessions have meant to me over the past months, but this morning I am so thankful for your teaching and support that I wanted to take a few moments to say thank you in writing. 

Over the past decade, I have taken many yoga classes and studied at many different studios in San Francisco.  Your skilled teaching and the nuanced attention you give to my specific needs and goals is truly rare and wonderful.  After each class or session with you I feel both physically challenged and spiritually focused.  I also value the lovely feeling of flow and grace you bring to every series.   Your yoga classes not only encourage an inward attention to the nuances of  balance and movement, but also a spirit of opening up and letting go.  I feel lucky to have finally found a yoga teacher and mentor who can push me to explore new areas and levels of practice and encourage me to slow down and soften when I need that.  I look forward to continuing to learn, grow, rest and renew in your wonderful classes.


Janice Bressler, Attorney At  Law


Date: July 25, 2011
To: sfyogaschool@earthlink.net

Subject: Completion of 16 session program

 I really enjoyed our yoga sessions.  You provide a warm, safe environment in which to learn.  You are patient, nurturing and a very nice person.  I intend to continue yoga sessions with you to try and stay on track and refresh my memory regularly.  Flexibility and strength are so important at my age and yoga has me on the path to both I hope.  

Thank you for being you.

Date: Thu, 28 Apr 2011 22:33:20 -0700 (PDT)
To: SF Yoga School <sfyogaschool@earthlink.net>
Subject: In gratitude

Dear Pamela,
Your restorative class has opened a whole new set of possibilities for my integral practice.  You have brought an awareness to me of the immense subtlety of the body and it's amazing capacity to dilate (open) to the universe.  After class, as I walked out and smelled the ocean, felt the breeze, and drove down Great Highway, it felt as though I had lifted my sails and was sailing straight downwind.  Totally calm, and yet hauling ass! Historically, my practice has been so focused on diligent, militant practice that I have missed the real point.  I feel like I've been a fish looking for water.  I only needed to stop and breathe. Thank you for reminding me.
Your friend and client,


June 5, 2011   To Pamela  Re: Our 16 Session Well Being Program Partnership

When I seek out instruction I look hard to see in the teacher how much she/he believes in what they do. Do they really know, believe, laugh, smile: do they really mean it? Pamela does. The greatest values from our times together was for me trust and truth, that Pamela is deeply-rooted in what she knows and does, and I was gently and expertly guided inside and outside, and we laughed and smiled for real.

Pamela, thank you for all you have done for me and shown me. I’m floating!

Love, Jane


Date: Dec 2, 2010 8:46 AM     To: Namaste' Pamela <pamelacarrara@earthlink.net>   Subject: Testimonial

I thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with Pamela. I went in with an open mind, and Pamela and I came up with a plan of success for me, much of which had been buried in the back of my mind.  When we discovered these thoughts, they were like Aha Moments!

Pamela is very professional and really cares about her clients, setting up phone calls/e-mail access whenever necessary. 

I especially liked having the Raindrop Therapy, a lovely calming experience.  I truly was taller when I finished, since I was gently pulled and stretched in all those limbs that had previously been settled.  I want to do this again!

Thank you, Pamela, for a wonderful, successful experience. 

Rebecca Newlin

Date: Wed, 24 Nov 2010 07:43:05 -0800
To: <sfyogaschool@earthlink.net>
Subject: Health & Vitality Breakthrough Well Being session 


Thanks so much for all your help.  Here’s a little feedback about my experience.

I came to Pamela with my back aching and really in need of some guidance to un-wind the knots in my head as well.  Pamela is truly an amazing person and her insights helped me on so many levels.  Dealing with the stress I had at that time and teaching me how to relax my mind helped immensely.  The issues with the pain in my back were slowly fading after each session.  The real breakthrough came after the Essential Oil Raindrop Therapy.   The pain was gone and a wonderful feeling of strength, both physically and mentally, still keeps my head high every day.   

Breathe, relax, and trust with Pamela, your body will thank you.




July 28, 2010

Hi Pamela,

I am sitting in the quiet morning with a hot cup of coffee, thinking of you and all the work we are doing together.  It is about time I put my thoughts to paper!

I remember our first call together, and now over two years later, I am reflecting on how my life is enriched and enhanced through our work together. You have truly been a partner to me, and I am grateful for the energy and devotion with which you honor me.  You are a joyful combination of coach, therapist, friend, and a very wise woman.   

On so many weekly calls I expressed some sort of anxiety, whether it be personal or business related. The most devastating time was when my brother lay in a hospital bed in Hawaii, suddenly very ill and near death.  I was frantic and so sure I would lose him that day.  As you do so well, you listened to me without interruption and then spoke to me in your calm, thoughtful manner.  At the end of the call, I was at peace with whatever the outcome was to be, leaving it all to a higher power to be resolved.

Pamela, during these two years, you have opened my eyes to my softer side, the side that was overshadowed by my need to work many long hours, and with your guidance I am a more balanced person and able to enjoy my time away from my career, with family and friends.

You taught me how to be kind to myself, and how to appreciate and treasure my uniqueness in the world.  I love myself and I am good to myself!

I love it that you suggest other words to use when I make statements, such as “I should map my day”, bringing to mind that “should” makes one resistant to performing an activity, rather than look forward to it.  I am mindful now, and I thank you! I can now create my day, and be mindful of how I want to be in the world for that day. What a wonderful way to make each day exciting to live and look forward to! And the people around me benefit greatly, I might add.

And then there is the rain drop therapy, oh my, what a treat that is.  In less than two hours, I float out of your studio, relaxed and at peace; no vacation can do as much for my soul! 

Pamela, I am so grateful that you came into my life.  I know you work with many people, and tailor your work for each individual.  However, you make me feel as if I am the most important person, and I just know your other clients would say the same if asked.  You are wise and kind and dependable and funny, and just plain wonderful.  Thank you for all the hours you have devoted to me, I love you!

Judy Litteer, Realtor, Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate, JF Finnegan Realtor, 1116 S El Camino Real, San Mateo CA 94402


September 24, 2009

Dear Pamela:

Thank you so much for all your help in getting me back in touch with my own body.  I’ve spent so many years trying to ignore it that I was out of touch with many things I like to do.  I’ve increased by strength and flexibility.  I can now access my breathing to help me in yoga poses and in life situations.  Here are two examples. At work there was a meeting where I felt other departments wanted to take over my job.  I was sitting there feeling angry and threatened.  Somehow I noticed that I was barely breathing.  I decided to take in some air, and in so doing, I was much more able to listen to the whole situation and realize I was still an integral part of the process, mainly because I chose to be.

A few weeks ago I dislocated my shoulder.  It was very painful, but I was able to ask for, and get help.  When I got to the hospital the doctor offered me pain killing drugs.  But then he asked if he could “try something.”  I was able to tap into my trust and take a lot of deep long breaths while he very calmly and smoothly slide my arm back into the socket.  I was immediately out of pain on the road to recovery.  Since then I have been able to listen to my body, stretch and breathe to help heal the ligaments that were torn.

With regard to my journey with my weight, we have created a program that fits my needs and does not place undo expectations.  You have given me ways to implement “lifestyle changes” that until now only seemed like two empty words (or just sounded like “diet” to me).  Your kind counseling and constant cheerleading has allowed me to celebrate my accomplishments and notice ways I might make different choices in the future when my choices don’t serve my longer term goals for optimum health.   You’ve also helped me see how my food choices serve me when they are not serving my health goals and that too is my choice.  I have chosen not to try to lose a lot of weight quickly because I have done that many times before and gained it all back.  I set a short term goal of being able to wear the clothes in my closet (that were getting too tight.)  I have for the most part met that goal.  I actually have a pretty good wardrobe!

Thank you for your loving support and guidance.  I treasure the knowledge of yoga, dance and the body that we have shared together, and your coaching acumen.


Ronna Perelson, Mill Valley, California


Date: Tuesday, June 16, 2009 10:52 AM    To: SF Yoga School<sfyogaschool@earthlink.net     Subject: Letter of Gratitude

Dear Pamela-

Thank you for the opportunity to work with you. When we started you had asked me to consider what was important to me at this time. Many times during our time together I forgot. You gently and consistently reminded me. Sometimes I would be calling in for a check-in appointment and I was caught off guard by my reaction to being helped. Suddenly I felt defensive, and didn't want to discuss anything. I wanted to avoid the very things that I had said I wanted to change. I felt embarrased by my defensiveness and frustration. Like a child who had been trying to untie a knot in shoelace, I felt a whimpering of despair...an attitude of  "I can't DO it!" You brought a way of being that was soothing, gentle and patient yet persistent. It was not fierce determination, but rather an air of Grace that was ultimately effective. What a wonderful reminder of the possibility of another approach to Life's challenges, including the challenge of being ourselves.
The Grace in me ENJOYS the Grace in you
John McElyea


January 4, 2008

Dear Pamela, 

I have been studying with you at the San Francisco Yoga School for five years and have participated in the Shadow Yoga, Yoga Above the Beach and Restorative classes, As you know, my background includes many years of practice with a number of other teachers and yoga techniques. 

I am very appreciative of your small class size and focus on individualized attention in this era of over-crowded yoga classes with minimal basic instruction. The incorporation of  your over 30 years of professional dance, yoga, bodywork and physical therapy experience into the sessions is very beneficial to your students, particularly those with injuries or physical limitations. 

I have noticed increased body awareness, strength and mobility as a result of studying with you.  The Yoga Above the Beach classes offer the dual benefit of a spectacular view of Ocean Beach as well as a deepened connection with nature, which I find very refreshing and inspirational.

Your Restorative classes enhance my complete body/mind relaxation and encourage self-awareness. The tranquil, nurturing atmosphere creates the opportunity to completely relax and access our own inner wisdom. This is something that is very important to maintain during the course of our busy lives. It gives me knowledge and awareness about the qualities that I would like to invoke such as peace or joy or strength. Each session utilizes a unique combination of essential oils to stimulate our senses and heighten our awareness. I highly recommend these classes!

People will not know what they are missing until they visit you at the SF Yoga School - one of the best secrets in San Francisco!

Angela Kray, Account Executive, The Natural Pages


April 11, 2008

Dear Pamela~

Working with you has been a pleasure over the past 4 years (give or take a few months). Mostly I have experienced yoga with you, but have thoroughly enjoyed my Raindrop Therapies. What I like best about working with you during yoga, is that you are an amazing teacher. I have been doing yoga for many years and your approach is one of few that can share with me how to move my hips, rotate a shoulder, or lift my head to erect my spine ever so slightly, all without compromising a moment of breadth or taking away my experience or anyone else’s.

You always respect ones boundaries and when you lay your hands on me, its more energetic than changing the way my asana is. Then all of the sudden, I feel like bliss, like I'm lighter than air and I wish I could stay in that pose all day, as if I don't have bones in my body. 

The differences that I have noticed by working with you Pamela, is that it is not just how I feel in your class, I hear your gentle coaxing echoing in my mind all the time. So I am constantly adjusting myself to stand better at work, or be gentle with myself when I am trying too hard. And I also hear how you share with me to never force anything. (I think it’s a metaphor for my whole life). 

Sometimes I feel I haven't come that far then I realize I don't have that judgmental voice inside me when I am a little stiff or just feeling sore. That is a huge improvement for my life! It's also taught me to find other ways to achieve the same thing. I do believe that everything is one, and yoga sure has made it perfectly clear, and I appreciate how easily you have connected the two for me.

So to recap: the two major items that you Pamela, have given to me as a gift of working with me, is I am much kinder to myself and I have much more patience for myself and others. 

Thank You Pamela!

~Namaste' ~Andriana, Owner of Moxi, an innovative salon, San Francisco, CA


January 1, 2008

Re:    Pamela Carrara - yoga work

To Whom It May Concern:

I have been taking private yoga lessons from Pamela Carrara for the past three years.  I find the work to be immensely satisfying and her instruction creative, fluid, thoughtful and tailored to my personal capacity.  Her instruction is partly informed by her background as a dancer and partly by her own yoga instruction and intimate knowledge of the body.  She is caring, attentive and very responsible  It is a joy both to watch her and to find with her help that I can do more with my body than I expected.  I am better toned and more stress-free as a result of our work together.

I recommend Pamela unhesitatingly to anyone interested in pursuing yoga.

Very truly yours,

Diana E. Richmond


December 13,  2007

Dear Pamela,

Holiday season is a time to remember the gifts that we have in our lives.  I am writing to thank you for gift of coaching that you have provided to me since we began working together in November 2004.  The yoga practice that I have learned from you has benefited me in many areas of my life.

As you know, I started yoga in my late 60s, and I didn’t know what was really possible at that stage of life.  I began practicing with you because of chronic problems with pain in my back and neck.  Under your excellent guidance, I found that the yoga actually began to correct the stiffness that I had chronically and to reduce my pain.  I have gradually become more flexible, and I also have strengthened muscles that had become weak because of discomfort and aging.  I will never be able to win any prizes for flexibility, but I am able to move with far greater ease than when I began.

The home yoga practice that you have co-designed with me has become part of my life.  I know that best when I miss doing it for a few days for one reason or another.  I not only experience greater physical discomfort, but I also miss the centering and the relaxation that comes from the practice.  The discipline of doing yoga regularly has made me more physically and mentally alert and feeling at ease.

Pamela, I particularly appreciate your wise teaching.  You have an excellent sense of your students’ capacities and are able to tailor your lessons not only to their level of practice but also to where their bodies are at any particular time.   Even when I come with something hurting, you seem to direct the session to activities that make me leaving feeling better than when I came in.  You are a gifted teacher and a compassionate and thoughtful person, and I appreciate it enormously.  Thanks again for all of your help. 


Al Martin


December 12, 2007

Dear Pamela

As another year is ending, I want to take this time to thank you for your instruction over the past few years.  I realized I began practicing with you late in 2003 and here it is four years later. While I do my own practice at home and I can watch your DVD, I get much more out of practicing with you in person.  I appreciate your patience and how you intuitively are able to know what adjustments different people in the class may need at any time and how you keep challenging me.   

I enjoy taking some time for myself and I’ve enjoyed several benefits from your classes, including improved posture, less stress and meeting some wonderful people. As part of my home practice, I do daily wrist and ankle rotations, and neck and shoulder rolls and twists, which I feel really help prevent physical problems, as my job requires me to sit at the computer most of the day. I love the way I feel happy and relaxed afterwards.  I truly do ‘float’ out of your restorative classes.  While I can’t convince my husband to join me, he can tell by the look on my face (he calls it the ‘yoga’ look) and my relaxed state when I’ve come from a class.  Also, I know it must be at least partly responsible for the fact that I have not been sick in the past few years other than a minor cold now and then. At my age (55) staying healthy is important to me. 

When I did a raindrop session, we measured and I did grow almost a quarter inch. Every week when I leave your class, I actually feel taller; I can tell I am more flexible. I am also aware of my posture and breathing and of keeping my eyes ‘receptive’ throughout each day.  My next goal is to work on strengthening (and reducing the size!) of my core.  

I thank you for all that you’ve given me and allowed me to give to myself.  I love how I can hear the smile in your voice during practice and how you encourage us all, no matter what our level.  I wish you a peaceful and joyful holiday and I look forward to practicing with you in the New Year!  


Betsy Doyle, San Francisco, CA 94112


In a message dated 12/24/07 8:59:12 AM, 

Dear Pamela,

Thank you for the wonderful Thursday class and for all that your teaching has done for me over the course of the last year. I have been disabled from an ankle injury since 2003 and had been feeling more and more unhealthy physically and emotionally from an inability to move as I always had before the injury. Then I fell and compounded my injuries earlier this year. I feel so fortunate that my friend Angela referred me to you for individual work. You have been insightful about my capabilities and a gentle nurturing teacher. The practice I am developing with your help has gotten me through this physically difficult year. Also, the calm and emotional centering that comes with this practice has been a revelation and a gift. I look forward to continuing to learn and get stronger with your guidance.

Your grateful student,

Glenda Brewer, Private Client



Dear Pamela,

This is referring to thank you for being my Yoga teacher.  Since I met you back in 1997 when the class at the Dolphin club changed teachers, I have continued to work with you.  You brought a lot of energy and focus to our practice.  You worked with us as a group and as individuals during class, which addressed each of our needs and brought attention to our bodies.  I t was and still is a great way to learn Yoga through your approach of exploring one’s own bodies needs and abilities.  When you moved your practice from the club to your private studio in the city, I was without hesitation to follow you and continue to be your student ever since.  Your teaching gives me nothing but a great conscience focus, physical flexible strength and spiritual pleasure to life. My practice of yoga through your teaching and glasses, I cannot thank you enough. 

    I will admit though my personal practice at times falls short but you are always encouraging me to practice and work at my own ability.  Your approach and style to your own practice and class has given and allowed me to learn and expand myself through a yoga practice as well.  It has for my work helped immensely.  Having a very physical profession practicing yoga on many occasions kept me from getting hurt.  The strength and flexibility has as well been very beneficial to performing many different tasks.  One quick example is at times one is called to touch up or paint part of a project.  While cutting in trim I use the breathing practice I have learned from you to keep a very steady line.  It works great.  Also the concentration of yoga has helped in work and personal living.  At times work requires me to handle many different task and coordination of people and steps, my yoga practice has made all that much more manageable physically and mentally.  

    My body and person benefit so much through the practice of yoga, I have learned with you that it feels as if something is missing when I don’t practice.  You have been and continue to be a great source and mentor to my yoga.  Your beauty and insight to the practice of Yoga guides your classes and me to a much more meaningful conscience yoga and way of life. 


Paul M. Gisler, General Contractor, Building by Design, San Francisco, CA 415-661-2255