Walk in...      

     FLOAT OUT . . .

Essential Oil Therapy

90 Minute Sessions
The Raindrop Technique

with Pamela Carrara, Body, and  Essential Oil Therapist, Specializing in the Raindrop Technique since 2001






March Special Rate: $135*

(Please note: Although you can book your date after April 15, you must schedule it  before April 15, 2018 to receive this March offer. Thank you!)

First time Introductory  Rate: $144*
Single session - $162*
Special Series of 3 sessions - $414**
Special Series of 4 sessions - $540**

*First time purchase can go towards a series purchase within a month of the first time purchase.

**Series can be bought & shared with others, and/or used as Gift Certificates.

The Essential Oil Therapy Sessions are customized to your particular needs and desires, and include the Raindrop Technique* and the application of other essential oils specific to your physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual needs determined before and during the treatment. It ends with an Ayurvedic face massage.

These sessions help relieve and heal physical pain and injuries, as well as relax, rejuvenate, and ease the nervous system, the mind and emotions. It also can boost the immune system and enable the release of obstructions and toxins, wherever they may be lodged. 

*The Raindrop Technique (RDT), designed by Gray Young of Young Living Essential Oils, is a specialized technique of the specific application of pure therapeutic–grade essential oils on the feet, back and neck, which activates reflex points on the body, boosts immune system, rids body of toxins, releases the spine and has the unique ability to help promote alignment of the body systems. 

These sessions can have added benefits when done consistently or weekly for a certain length of time, depending upon and especially, if there is a long time disharmony in the body.

      I really appreciate and depend on the balance that Pamela brings into my life. She has a wonderful combination of technical knowledge & intuitive skill that always identifies what's going to work best for me.”- Bill

"And then there is the rain drop therapy, oh my, what a treat that is. In less than two hours, I float out of your studio, relaxed and at peace; no vacation can do as much for my soul!"  - Judy

“When I did a raindrop session, we measured and I did grow almost a quarter inch.” - Betsy

“Thoroughly enjoy my raindrop therapy.” - Andriana

   “I consider Pamela to be working in earnest helping others recognize and develop their full potential.” - George Leonard, Human Potential Pioneer & Author